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Sriram Athri

Motivational Speaker / Life Coach

With the blessings of Swami Sukhabodhananda



  • Name: Sriram Athri
  • Email:  sriathri@gmail.com
  • Phone: +91 9820081661
  • Address: RH 6 / F-2, SECTOR 6, VASHI,  NAVI MUMBAI. 400 703
  • Nationality: Indian

Professional Profile

Sriram Athri has over nearly 30 years of experience as the Top Motivational Speaker and a  life coach in the International Corporate World. Being a First Generation Entrepreneur, Sriram has a hands-on understanding of the nuances of the Corporate world. His Seminars, Training & Workshops are based on his Spiritual Guru Swami Sukhbodhananda’s years of research on core spiritual factors leading to the corporate excellence with Inner tranquility. To the corporates, Sriram is the harbinger of the ultimate formula for healthy attitudes, quality of Inner ambiance, Team skills, and stress-free accomplishments.

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Keynote Address

Keynote Address

Make your next conference memorable with keynote address by Sriram Athri .

Speaking from his heart and with his hand holding  experience , Sriram is one of the most respected speakers ….  Productivity through Positive Frame of Mind, Healthy Attitude, Leading from the Front, Motivational Presence and high ethical values. Topics of his address can be customized to the need of the organization. His effectiveness comes from the fact that his Speaking skills are very penetrative and long lasting. Mixed with Anecdotes, stories and Humor, his Oratory presentation can be a Breakthrough entertaining ventilation to the participants from the Monotonous Agenda of a standard conference.




Human Resources knows it too well that what cant be achieved across the table can be achieved by Synergic Orientation. The potentials, limitations and experience of the Result yielding Managers  can be well ascertained by the HR team. “What cant be measured, can never be evaluated”.  Programs can be so customized to handle these requirements so that the effectiveness of the players can be increased by several notches. Managing the Mind is the core stem cell from where empowering, motivating, inspiring, nourishing and driving an effective team towards their goals can be achieved. The durations for such interactive workshops can be for a minimum of 3 hours to a full-day.

Total Quality Individual
What lies without is insignificant compared to what lies Within.Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we take it. Its not a search for being strong as much as it is about feeling strong. This moment is ours. Lets take responsibility. Harmonised interaction of Synergised energies
Leader Skills
Be the change you wish to see
Searching for consensus appears Leadership but moulding the consensus truly is.
Managing Stress
Experience of Stress Vs Toleration of Stress
Stress manifests : Physical, Energy, Mind, Intellect.How much do I value stress-less living? Does stress arise from event or from Attitude? To avoid stress, should I withdraw, renunciate and give up? Do I recognize a stress-less state of balance and equilibrium in the universe within and without?
People Skills @ Workplace
Merging Energies Effectively
Managing a team is to recognize the multitude of patterns that people come from. Given the composition of the totality of their energies, the Acumen that a Leader needs is to develop awareness on the Thought, word and deed. Train oneself on the several skills of team building, learn to delegate what one can do oneself.
Healthy Minds
The Primary Tool For Excellence
Mind is the pinnacle of evolution. The core for excellence.Bound by the Subjective Mind, we are free of its conditioning.What we tell ourselves determines our perception.“Garbage in – Garbage out” – a universal principle.“The Mind is as much a tool in our hand as the Chisel to a carpenter.
Corporate Empowerment
Synergic Focus On A Common Goal
Teamwork is a blend of professionally qualified energies which need a fertile ambience. This moment is ours. Lets take responsibility. Harmonised interaction of Synergised energies.
Teachers Empowerment
Catalyst In Blossoming A Citizenry.
Operating from a platform of freshness and facilitate the opening up of petals that allow the shining of aptitudes. The skill is not the acknowledgement acquirement but in opening the windows to new possibilities
Emotions speak louder than the words
Revitalizing the flow of Inner Resources . SMILE factor, the biggest winner.

Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Imparting the spiritual understanding towards mind management as taught by Swami Sukhabodhananda has been our endeavor.Some of the forthcoming events are listed below:

7 Sept 2018
23rd Aug 18
10th August 18
2 nd August 18
Location : RCF Thal 10th Feb 18
26th and 27th Jan 2018
9th Feb 2018
23rd Feb 2018
30th Jan 18





What people speak about Sriram Athri

Sriram Athri giving motivational speeches and turn peoples mind to think positive towards work.

"Total workshop is very encouraging in all aspects of life, specially our day to day functions. I will incorporate them in my life."
-Aditya Kumar, Jaipur
"It was a very fruitful session. I would like to look forward for the same kind of session by Mr. Athri in future."
-Renu Panda
"It was a refresher, by far the best interactive session we had. Sir’s talk was very informative."
-Nikita Puthran
"I am very benefited in every steps of my life as well as profession."
-Debashis Dasgupta
"Enjoyed the session.. was very fruitful for me.. learnt to perceive the positive and delete the negative."
-A K Vishwakarma
"Educating to utilize spirited ways of developing our skill in all spheres of life."
-Rajnish Bakshi
"Very educating and an eye opener for the things we have taken for granted and for the things we do not take seriously."
-Amit Shah
"Change within myself, recognizing myself and my possibilities with your class."
-Moses Samuel
"The programme is not only good it is excellent. It has increased my confidence level."
-Rahul Kumar Gupta
"This programme is excellent, His ideas are very good. He has encouraged and boost up me. These contents and instances are very nice."
-Gautam Kumar Chaudhary
"The programme is really very good, this type of programme should be organised in every Institute, because this type of programme will definitely change our life style."
-Anand Kumar Khameshara
"This programme was very innovative. It has opened the ways for doing things differently."
-Ravi Kumar
"All participants appreciated the simple and lucid style of your presentation. The feedback in total was excellent."
-Suresh Kamath, Unichem
"This programme is excellent, This address gave the positive start to our convention."
-Shyam Vyas, SMART convention 2013
"Very impactful, transformative and easy to implement thereby getting both tangible and non-tangible results."
-N B Shah, Chairman, Quality circle, Baroda
"Things which were presented were very simple and each one of us could connect to it. Our Leadership team expressed that a clear and powerful message has been delivered."
-Shuchi Chatterjee, Chep
"Very educative and most of it when put into practice will be very effective to lead a contended life."
"Program not only touched the lives of our senior executives, but by virtue of the multiplier effect, are now in a position to touch the lives of so many people with whom they interact!"
"Enthralling session which was so participative that it left each of us wanting more of it!"
"The whole session has been motivating and energizing for me. Made me realize many things which otherwise would not have come to my mind. Overall the programme was fantastic, would like to attend every other session of it."
-Rohit Kathria
"The seminar is very good and it was far beyond my expectations. I got to learn my things. Which is going to help me in future. Thank you very much."
-Ravikumar Patel
"The prog brought a change in me. The whole experience was fantastic and joyful. Im happy to be a part of this"
-Sowjanya H
"The programme was an excellent center of learning and fun, easily understood,should be encouraged."
-Madhav Rangarajan
"An Excellent reality check. A stimulating and life changing experience. The Ball is in my court now and I need to follow up on the inherent strengths the Lord has blessed me with."
-Melwyn Rego
"The workshop was excellent and fantastic. Enormous value addition and change of mind set was revealed."
-L B Singh, NADP
"Wonderful Experience. Effective blend of theory, analogues, stories and practice which succeeded in “Lighting a spark” in all of us."
-Moly Jalaluddin

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