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3 Rare Tips To Acquire Success

June 06, 2018

Success is always counted in riches when a person has a net worth of millions or even billions, he is counted as successful.  Taking this thought forward, it is assumed that success comes to you depending on where you are born. If you are born in the house of rich parents, then you would be by default rich and have more supporting circumstances to make you successful. On the contrary, been born in a poor family will bombard you with so many every day struggles that success will become an impossible thing to achieve.  But this is however not completely true. It is bona fide that having resources like money and connections benefits a person in achieving success but these are not the only criteria for success. There is a lot more to being successful than just the riches affirms the top motivational speaker, Sriram Athri.


Even the richest of the people have been the most unsuccessful ones in their lives; many castles have gone into ashes. On the other side, there are many people who have made it from rags to riches.  All these stories are circulating over the internet but people often oversee those thinking; the ones who lost everything were simply fools while the ones who gained were simply lucky!

The fact is Anyone can be rich, Anyone can be successful!  All you need to do is work over it.

Below are the three rare tips that will help you to accomplish success

1.       Don’t waste your time complaining

The first and foremost thing to do is stop complaining. Many people keep looking at all the things they don’t have and in doing so, they never have time to achieve what they want. All they do is complain ‘I cannot achieve this because I lack education’ ‘I cannot be successful because my father doesn’t have millions’ ‘I cannot this because… I cannot that because… etc Complaining leads a person to nowhere. Each person’s reality is different and the only way they can achieve success is by accepting it and working towards their goal.

2.       Focus on Long-term goals

Make long-term goals fantasize where you want to be 20 years, 10 years or at least 5 years down the line and start working to get there right from today. One of the essential things required in obtaining success is proper planning. Without planning even the most perfect ideas fail.

3.       Do not be misguided that you know everything

No one has ever known everything neither anyone will. Even the smartest of the people are unaware of a lot of things, so don’t be misguided that you already know everything.  Learning is a life-long journey and you must always keep learning. Not necessarily from an institute, but through self-evaluation, other people, past mistakes, failures etc.  When a person thinks that he knows everything and rejects learning and moving forward, he ultimately fails.  The best example of this would be the ‘Nokia Mobile Company’.  Around a few years ago, Nokia was the leading player in the Indian market for selling mobile phones. They refused to collaborate with Google and rejected the idea of ‘Android Software’.   When Android flourished, Google refused to sell Nokia its rights. And we all witnessed what happened to Nokia after that.

Even the richest man on earth gets up every day and goes to work. That’s exactly how he maintains his position if he stops learning and decides to be where he is. He will end up losing even what he already has.