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December 15, 2018
Some sculptors were busy at a site constructing a temple. A journalist wished to take an interview of the working artisans. She approached one sculptor and asked him what he was engaged in. The sculptor looked up at the journalist and said that he had a large family and it was necessary for him to be the breadwinner. He gathered that the temple authorities had an opening for him and hence he was working as per instructions. The journalist walked away and met another person busy with a stone in front of him and asked him what he was doing. That person looked up at the journalist and said that his working hours were from 9 am to 6 pm and he was adhering to the same and working as per the requirement of the authorities. The journalist then went to a third sculptor and asked him the same question. For a while he was very busy with his sculpture that he didn’t look up. After a while, he dropped his tools and looked at the journalist for a repeat of the question. The sculptor then said that he was given the responsibility of carving out a beautiful sculpture of the Goddess and he feels honored to do the same. He enjoys doing the sculpture of the Goddess for this will be the unique temple where many people would come to worship. That he was working on a time frame and thank his stars for being a part of the construction of this temple. All the three sculptors gave the right answer as per their level of participation in the work that they are doing. What distinguishes the third sculptor is the passion that he has put into his job. This is the demarcation of what is milk and what is water. All the three persons are putting their energy on their jobs. The third had a little more. In Hindi there is a saying “ Banne Ho tho Sarathi Bano , Swarth nahi” . We can look at an assignment on what one is getting out of this. The interest can be centred on the self. We can also approach the same with an extraordinary quality of seeing how others are benefitted by ones efforts. The second path gives immense satisfaction. The second option has an abundance in the attitude. The richness of thought is apparent, while the first option reflects insecurity and poverty. The passion or love for the job is not determined by the object. Aptitude for a certain stream of profession has a role to play, but that factor is only a part of the whole. If Passion is radiating from the object, that is the sculpture in this case, it should be impacting the first and second person too. This did not happen. The first two participants looked at the work of sculpting purely as a means of livelihood. The Passion and Love for the work is invoked by the Subject, that is the person indeed. This is evident from the attitude of the Third person. In the same way, there are a number of chores that we are doing on daily basis, whether it is home-related or work-related. The capacity to invoke our Passion and Love for the job rests purely with the subject. Even though it may appear that Aptitude is the only cause for Passion on the job, it is the Attitude with which you approach the job, that elevates the quality of the job. Very often our attitude is clouded by several thoughts, experiences and memories. What will people around me think? What’s for me in this? What if? Does the other side looks greener? The skill to block these thoughts and confine them to the planning and preparation stage plays a crucial role. They say, that you have a CHOICE, but once a CHOICE has been made, the CHOICE chooses you. To be a Master in the situation, an empowered attitude to any thing that we do without the interference of the traffic of thoughts that flows in our Minds is the key to success. There is this case of a Sadanand Venkatraman who was an Electrical Engineer at IIT, Madras and became a Prof of Economics with Phd from Caltech and now a Neurosurgeon with MD at Toranto. What was the genesis of his success in varying professions?. Mr Vivian Richards, the legendary World Cup cricketer from West Indies was a foot ball player and represented Antigua in the World Cup. Similarly Mr Clare Taylor played football and Cricket for the World Cup in England. So did John Macdonald from Scotland. There are many such instances where one stream of profession was taken up at one time in Life and another at a different time. Aptitude is indeed a factor but Attitude is a more determining factor.