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Art of Good Leadership

March 12, 2019

The common denominator among all the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies was the ability to be a good finder. This ability is a unique feature among leaders. This is an excellent Leadership quality. Every person has a baggage of faults, imperfections and patterns. Our concentrating on them in terms of finding fault or convert the persons patterns and imperfections are like touching the discomfort zone of the individual. There is a Sanskrit sloka which says that no one will change their habitual nature just by giving advice. This is an act in futility. The acceptance of the fault lines in others is not an endorsement of the same. It is the quality of magnanimity in the Leader to overlook the same and work on the potentials of the person. Acceptance of the errors in others makes a person be creative with what is. Being appreciative of his potentials will increase the weight of his goodness on the scales. When the weight of his potentials meet your recognition as a leader, then the self-esteem of the person increases. Ultimately, that is what pays.
Appreciation is to raise in value. Figure out methods of emphasizing on their value in your mind and how to communicate them.

  •  Look into the eyes and say thank you for all services however small they may appear. Make them feel special
  • Don’t keep people waiting listlessly. Acknowledge their presence and let them know that you will be with them as soon as possible.
  • Practice the art of listening. Don’t be engaged in your own opinion and become a motor mouth. Look into the eyes of the person speaking. Develop an interest on what they are saying. Get closer to the person who is speaking. Ask pertinent questions and don’t interrupt.
  • Democratic Generosity to allow the situation to open up a solution. When someone disagrees, this leads to an argument. Instead, it should be more persuasion and clarity in communication. If it is right to you, why is it that the other person does not see the rightness in it. Either your idea is wrong or you have not communicated it properly.
  • Let not a disagreement become a threat to our survival. Our ego is affected. If you push an idea into his throat, it chokes. Low pressure and clear communication is the way. Threats and ridicule only close their minds to your ideas however good they may be.  Anyone convinced against his will continue to have the same opinion. Speak from his point of view and you will bring clarity.
  • Pause before you respond. This will make the person comfortable that you are considering his opinion. An immediate NO will close his
  • Let us not want to win 100%. Some of us go with rigid ideas that they are the only ones right. The subject matter becomes a dictation and not a proposition. Learn to give acknowledgement to bright ideas. Give in to small amendments with full throttle and the chances are that all will give your core proposal the go ahead.
  • Very often your proposal and presentation makes the other loose face. Especially on matters where they have put their stake on their views. Gracefully, see the mind blocks and give a few extra words of appreciation to their efforts and leave a door ajar in the discussion so that they could escape.
    These are just some of the finer points in good leadership to make our own proposals more fruitful.