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August 04, 2017

It is said in a Sanskrit Sloka that the Mind indeed is the world. When we reflect over it, we find that the way we perceive things indeed makes our world. If we conclude that Life is a struggle, we will eventually go through experiences which endorses the conclusion that we have arrived at.  Every event or a situation will further buffer and strengthen our belief that Life indeed is a struggle. Our Logic will come to our rescue to create the justification of the stand. Quotations will be generated and suitable one-liners will become attractive. It appears that a perceptional structure is created where the base is the strong belief that we hold.


Once a Scientific scholar went to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and indulged in a conversation with him. He pointed out to Ramakrishna the clarity and scientific approach of his Logic that God does not exist. He presented several modules of thinking that appeared very conclusive that the myth of God is a human making. Ramakrishna listened very keenly and smiled in perfect appreciation of the scientific approach. The scholar asked Ramakrishna, “ I am pulling the very carpet and edifice on which you preach the presence of God and you are appreciating me.”  Ramakrishna responded “ I am in awe at the great work of God of how beautifully and conclusively He could indulge in Self-denial”. It is therefore the very foundations of Belief that matters on which is constructed the structure of Logic.  What appears true here also appears true there. They appear opposites, but in the big picture of things, they are one inclusive of the other. Very often we pick up the rights and wrongs of thoughts somewhere from the middle rungs of our ladder construct without looking at the foundation base.


These very beliefs can become our chains, our limitations and lead us into a tunnel vision. They can create a pattern in us. Like how words dominate thoughts, and these thoughts become repetitive and thus turn into patterns. Ultimately these patterns keep endorsing the very premise of our thoughts and a psychological whirlpool is so created into which we are locked. To escape the orbit of these patterns and move into an open space requires  a psychological velocity and power that can be harnessed only by the Wise.  Our patterns backed by thoughts and logic have provided the much needed shelter and are indeed sounding correct.  Our own Likes, Dislikes, Greed, Glamour, Pleasure provide the Individuality and create the perfect nest. Yet they are our chains and limitations that confine us to our Comfort zones. The freedom and Liberty to move on and explore is missing.  To access the larger picture and be associated with the Macro becomes difficult. Thus expansion to the larger spheres of Life comes to a naught. This is indeed shrinking. Every shrinking is a Death in some form and every expansion is Life in some other form.

In simple terms this can be attributed to the very art of Looking at the happenings around us. As they say, “ what happens to us matters 10% but how we respond matters 90%”. That 90% arises out of how we look at things.