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Awaken The Master In You

December 13, 2017

Human form is programmable and the process of conditioning is a continuous process. The process will depend on the Master in you. The conditioning can be a self-driven process or an automated process by peer influence, global exposures, external influences, cultural beliefs etc. The automated process of external influences are very dominant in Life today. The Sanskrit sloka says “ SarvamParavashamDukham, SarvamAtmavashamSukham, TatvidyatsamasenaLakshanamDukhaSukhayoho”  All that is dependent on external influence is Pain and all that is internal Attitude driven is Joy. The kite has reached a good height but its rise is dependant on the string in the hands of the beholder. Anytime, it can come down or it can be swiveled around. However, the tree has also reached a height but its rise is more dependent on the roots that it has created on the ground. Self-dependent, it is not affected by the vagaries of External influences. The stronger the roots, the better is its growth in heights and strengths. Though the tree is subjected to turbulences of weather, wind, sun, rains and frost, the tree has the ability to stay firm and steady.

The human form has the much needed Master which has the ability to filter the inputs, discriminate on the influences and make a programming that can act as the deep roots for firm and steady progress. Swami Sukhabodhananda says “ Attitude brings Altitude”. The exposures, the external influences and bombardment of information further endorses the need for a Master who could filter, question, discriminate and nourish the necessary thought to support a healthy attitude. Swamiji says, “ Some of us think, many of us think we think and most of us do not think of thinking itself. Though man as a thinking being is defined, how few use this grand prerogative of the mind, how few think justly and how many never think but think they do.” 

Such a casual treatment of the Mind can lead to a disaster in todays life.  Never before in the history of Mankind is the importance of the Mind and Master so well emphasized. It can make or break the Man. Mind is like a Lock and the Master holds the key. If turned on one side, the Lock is locked with no further possibilities, and if turned the other side, it can open and create many new possibilities.

Where Glamour, Pleasure and Looking good are all the attractions to the young mind, it requires awareness, alertness and constant wakefulness to keep ourselves on the right path.  True as it may seem, the Pleasures of the world and the Glamour of impressive looks have the most eyeballs and footfalls.  Einstein remarks that Social systems today are so constructed that the Master is ignored and the servant is honored. In the midst of the chaos and tensions that people go through in daily life, it is extremely important to have the Master in you take full control and ensure that a single pointed value is attributed in keeping the Master on the wheels. When we study the lives of all successful people, we will see a marked presence of a Guiding Force in these persons. A Guiding force that has been inspired by a purpose, passion and pursuit. The single attribute that will create this cutting edge to ensure success and satisfaction in life is the indomitable presence of a Master who has strong roots firm and steady.