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December 13, 2017

The principle of Creativity emanates from the destruction of something else. When the Shell breaks, the seed emanates. When the chick is born, the egg is broken. When the calypso cracks, the bud springs out.

In the same way, when the mind blocks break, the potentials will emerge.  No one is bereft of his potentials.  Only, a person should have a vision to see it, the courage to get on to it and the perseverance to follow it.  Very often, it is the inhibition, fear, shyness and a tsunami of self-talk, that form the hard shell and refuse to break. When the coconut shell is broken, the sweet water and contents are a miracle. Thus the destruction of one state of being is the cause for the creation of another state of being.

On observing, inside the corn of wheat is a small seed that promises a strong potential. But this promise of Life in the seed is covered with a thick husk. Unless the hard husk is broken apart, the seed has no expression of its promise. The thick husk breaks away when the corn of wheat falls on the ground. Thus the seed can go on its journey of germination. While  a Surgeon cuts the body, removes the diseased portion, the healing of the body to recoup its health and normal conditions are a natural process.  Similarly, the Motivator attempts at breaking the shell and alter the mind set with the cooperation of the participant. This allows the inner potencies to emanate out. The potencies are not inserted by the Motivator. The potencies are already there in the participant and the allowing of the same to come forth is the dexterity of the Motivator.  While this process requires a dexterous skill of impact and focus, it is not a system of information dumping.

They say that it is not a question of your achievability, as much as it is the quality of your availability.  When the participant has a desire to be a Learner, his state of being is available for a life-changing experience. This is an essential feature of Growth. The process of Learning requires the innate quality of give up of one’s own beliefs, rigid opinions, obsessions and judgments which form the Mind-set.  The Memories of our own conclusions, views and patterns play a pivotal role in hardening the shell of our Mindset.

The Inner potency is the hidden skills and energies dormant in the seed that we are. The necessary environment and trigger are all that is necessary for it to come forth. It may appear that the potentials of a person have been dormant for a long period of time and has thus become a rusty part of his patterns. So long as a person is willing to be a Participating Learner, the Will oriented Mind can create the necessary lubrication instantly so that the potentials can emanate forthwith. Very often Existence provides the lessons and the pressure for these potentials to come forth and play its part, but a lazy mind misses the bus and does not wake up to the situation.

The purpose of life in some form is to bring out these potencies to its maximum and allow them to function in its totality for the benefit of Mankind. When these potencies are constricted and throttled due to inhibitions, illegitimate fears, attitudes and such disempowering thought processes, the purpose of life is defeated.