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Change is certain

January 29, 2019

Our prayer is “Mrtyo ma Amrutamgamaya”- what does that mean. From mortality lead me to immortality. Immortality is perennial. It is imperishable. If you see, there nothing permanent in this world. The rocks will give way to stones, stones to sand etc. People will come and go. Materials will change its features.  Civilisation will change. Standard of living will change. Similarly technology will change. There is no exception to this rule of nature. Anything that is born will die. Therefore the only permanent thing in this world is CHANGE.  Change indeed is immortal, perennial and imperishable. So long we understand that and live in conformity to the changing situation our life is bound to be a success.

Flow with the change. Our education during a few decades ago was on subjects that were relevant in those days. Days have changed and hence it is imperative that formal  education also shifts its gears to   providing the necessary skills that are relevant to the age we live in. At the age of the internet, it is imperative that we are educated on the intricacies of the internet and the facilities it can provide to improve the standard of living of people. Academic mathematics, theoretical physics and bookish chemistry have lost its relevance though It may remain as the foundations of all engineering that has grown in leaps and bounds. Maybe Engineering in its mechanical form touched our lives over 250 years ago. It took decadesfor the pneumatics and hydraulics to participate in the growth of the human condition. The infant forms of Civil engineering and chemical engineering have taken several decades to grow up and changethe very nature of our living conditions. If we see from a Macro level, the knowledge of Science like Electricals, Electronics, Nuclear engineering, Information Technology have gradually created a change in our life styles. The pitch of change has been a century at the beginning, several decades thereafter and now the change that we notice in the society around us takes a few years. Especially in the latest entrant of technology, the cell phone has gone through several changes and have altered the way people live and transact in a matter of few years. The cell phone technology has gone through fundamental changes that we believe that a cell of over one year is outdated.

The fountain pen, the manual typewriter, the electronic typewriter, the drawing board, the radio box, the spears, the mace, the bow and arrow are all out dated. They are obsolete. They hold no relevance except at the Museum. The camera industry has gone through a fundamental change. The companies like Canon, Nissan, Kodak are not the money spinners in the Camera Business. It is the mobile phone manufacturers. In the music sector, it is no more HMV, Saregama, who are the Kings in the music business, it is ring tones in mobiles, online music and youtube who are ruling the music industry. Similarly, in the financial sector, accountings are no more kept in books of double entry. The soft ware technology in  accounting and in ERP have revolutionized the method of account keeping and running of an industry. The turmoil in the industry is showing up in the methods of tax collection which have now become more technosavy. The method of shopping and purchasing have become digital. Banking sector has gone through a sea change in its functioning. All this has happened in a decade. Youngsters who are familiar with the nuances of the technology behind the Change survive. Others will wither away into other lesser known skills. The pitch of change is likely to grow shorter and every few years will throw up a new challenge to the people to update themselves. Soon the list of things that fall on the obsolete list will grow. Unless the human endeavor can cope up with it and be updated with the changing situation, they will themselves turn irrelevant.

Where we are just now as a placement in this huge universe is for the first time. Every moment of our life is going to be for the first time. The newness is evident. We need to live with that understanding to flow with what is new. Maybe electric cars, driverless vehicles, robots, unmanned banking systems, individualistic flying units, internet based watches, sit at home shopping, 3d animations, 3 d printing technology, can be the on- going changes that will influence society.

The problems of tomorrow cannot be solved with the solutions of today. It is therefore imperative that we flow  and update ourselves with the changing situation and trust the creativity of the universe. Our prayer is indeed relevant. Lead me to immortality. Those who chant the prayer but take no efforts to flow with the changing situation are bound to be left rudderless. They will have no one to blame but themselves.