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Defeat the difficulties. Don’t let difficulties defeat you

January 12, 2018


“Difficulties are an essential part of life” Says the Motivational Speaker Sriram Athri. “Many people find difficulties burdening and lose their morale getting their confidence broken completely.  But difficulties are there to help us move forward in life” Adds the renowned inspirational Speaker of India. “Our lives would come to a standstill without difficulties as we would never find it important to improve ourselves or test our abilities. We would always be the same person we are today without moving forward

Taking difficulties with such a perspective will make challenges and difficulties easier to deal with and give you a positive outlook towards them. So whenever a difficult situation arises, always say ‘I am capable enough of fighting with it. I will defeat the difficulty and not let difficulty defeat me’

Overcoming Difficulties:

Overcoming difficulties is not that difficult as we think; just remember one rule ‘Nothing lasts forever’. Even though this may sound simple but may not be that easy to apply but it’s true. Whenever you are in a situation that seems unbearable, pause for some time, calm your mind and assure yourself that ‘this is just a phase of life, it shall pass.’ We often take difficulties so seriously that we willingly don’t want to find a way out as we think we are the victims and we ourselves pull us down.

Sometimes it is not possible to come out of difficult situation all by ourself. This is absolutely fine. Whenever you feel like it is getting more than you can handle, take help. Go to a friend, colleague, parent, relative, or if needed visit a professional.  Many times the difficulty is huge only in our heads, taking an outside perspective gives us new perspective to our problems. We realize that what we were thinking to be very dreadful is not that worse in real.

Another way to defeat difficulties is to break them down. Ask yourself why is it a problem for you? We often look at the big picture and get scared but when you break them down and start overcoming one thing at a time than it’s not that difficult anymore.  For example, if you have failed in science in your examination and you fear studying the subject.  Try to find out what topics you don’t like in that subject. Take help of a friend, teacher or a professional tutor. Study one topic a day and Focus more on the topics that you think seem easier to cover up marks. By making a perfect study plan, you will be able to complete the syllabus at the right time.

Overcoming difficulties is surely difficult but it is an important part of living life and learning more about yourself, who you are, who you want to be, and what is your place in the world. Some difficulties get solved by finding a solution, some solve while taking help but some difficulties are there which cannot be solved and can only be adjusted to. Whatever type of difficulty you are facing; big or small, solvable or adjustable always move forward in life. Defeat the difficulties but don’t let difficulties defeat you.


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