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November 03, 2018

When one is born, the little baby struggles to move its limbs and the parents gently nudge the child to turn using its own muscles. Slowly, the child is then pushed to be mobile and move forward. Then the pushing continues until the child is now on all fours. Then the mobility begins. Soon, the child is slowly pushed into standing on its own two feet. Similarly, walking, running, cycling, swimming are all the skills one learns being pushed by the parents. Soon, the schooling from KG to 12 std, is a result of a host of parents, relatives, teachers and masters pushing the child to move to the next stage.

Thus pushing becomes the major factor why we are able to function and also learn and do our homework in schools and colleges. A programming of PUSHING becomes the manual of procedures and the software of the wiring that runs our lives. When we are old enough, in a majority of cases, the same programming of PUSHING runs life. This software that is installed has a peculiarity that subtly says “ When PUSHED, I will work”.  A resistance creeps in that does not allow a person to be in harmony with entrepreneurship. There is a sense of being forced and one of conflict with the reality. This nature of the person of being lukewarm, laidback and awaiting a trigger to push him, becomes the inner core of his personality.

Such a person is DRIVEN by his circumstances and situations. The individual is driven by a host of matters. His likes and dislikes, his value for glamour,  his instincts for pleasures, his comforts, conveniences, and his sense of security start taking the driver’s seat and determine his course of action. He thus turns out to be the Consequence of his environment. The  muscles of the waves of the Ocean seem to drive his boat in any direction that it wants. His destiny is more determined by his situation he is in and is highly invested on his circumstances.

Whereas, on the other hand, we have a DRIVING person who has a awakened MASTER in him. Though he has the upbringing of being pushed into studies, and into learning all the skills, he shapes up as a self-starter and starts to take responsibility for the happenings around him. He WISHES his life and sets a goal, focuses on the direction and has the perseverance to chase his Dreams. It is not that he has no pleasures, comforts, love for conveniences, likes and dislikes. But the difference is that the DRIVER has his MASTER presence which only keeps his pleasures, likes, comforts and conveniences only as preferences and does not depend on them. It is the DRIVER who could chalk out the architecture of his life, take responsibility of his life, his energy body and have the innate ability of being a self-starter. Look at all the successful people around you, and we will see that such persons who are achievers have a WISH MODEL of a DRIVER installed in them that makes the difference.

Similarly at the prime of our lives, it is necessary to make an Audit with all sincerity and transform ourselves from being a Push Oriented Individual to a Wish Oriented Individual. This establishes and invokes the presence of a Master who takes responsibility for oneself and one’s energies.