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November 02, 2018

We are modeled by the Universe. The universe is ever-expanding. The planetary positioning and Astronomy would clearly tell us that the Universe around us is growing in volumes. Growth is a continuous happening around us. Every living thing around us is growing and expanding. Reaching newer heights, newer pastures, newer inventions, newer developments are all the order of the day. The core personality of the Universe is therefore one of Growth. The growth need not be in the dimension of size and measurement. It is the conversion of one set of properties to another. In the process, a win win solution is arrived at for the benefit of all stake-holders.

Is there growth around us? Indeed a plethora of inventions, comforts, technological advances have contributed to the growth of the standard of living of the human form. The Human mind has created several new products and systems in almost all sectors of human life that there is a marked growth in the standard of living of the people. All sorts of conveniences and comforts are available for the use of Human form. When you see the vastness of the consumer products available in the Market, from a Macro eye view, it is very clear that Existence is providing all the solutions for the demand of the Human form in terms of comforts and conveniences. Technological growth has made Living easier. Medical inventions have increased the Living index of people. There are solutions for almost every form of challenges to Human Life. The growth in this dimension is indeed clearly seen and experienced.

But has the Human Consciousness grown? The level of depression as per the report of World Health Organisation is indeed alarming. The number of cases of Depression are the most in the most affluent places in the world. The incidence of Anxiety driven syndrome, insecurity and Stress are numerous. It is indeed very paradoxical that while on the one hand, there are all facilities offered for human conveniences and comforts, the number of individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts, anxiety ridden syndrome, stress and trauma are ever increasing. Clearly, the Human consciousness has not had a parallel growth. The Universal Mind is not experiencing Happiness, contentment, joy, Love, peace, exuberance and enthusiasm. The thought of Insecurity arises out of “ What is in it for me?”, “ How is it going to benefit me?” , “Does it suit my Liking ?”. Though it may sound very logical, it still provides the fuel for Anxiety and stress.

While there is a dimension of growth in the Outer area of experiencing comforts, pleasures, conveniences and ease, it is indeed disheartening to see that Mankind, who is the architect of such technological advances is himself in shambles of Depression and Hopelessness. Such a trajectory of the Human consciousness is an indication of shrinking and not expansion. There is a Duality that we see here. On the one side there is an Expansion but on the other side there is a shrinking. So long as the driving force of our life is “I, me and Mine” , the expansion in this field of inner consciousness will remain a Dream. This calls for a Collective Universal Audit of how our Mind looks at it all.