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Finding a Win Win Solution

December 13, 2017

The student said to the Master that he is working for Happiness. When the Master went into details of each activity that he has done in a day, he confessed that each action was driven by a desire to Look good, to fulfill my Likes, to acquire, to impress, and to stay up.  Yet the student had the illusion that he is working for Happiness. The simplistic and holistic attitude is to find ones fulfillment in others fulfillment.  Our happiness is not isolated from that of the other even though it may appear so.  The intelligence of Nature is the best role model. The Tree provides fruits and shade, all of which is not for itself. The Earth rotates on its Axis and has an orbit which provides a perfect balance of climate, rains, sunshine and seasons to all beings. The feeling of “I” Win is the root cause for the Miseries that we are going through in Life. The African Life Style of “Ubuntu”  is an example of Community Winning.   A group of children were assembled and said that the fruits are kept under the Tree about 100 metres away. The children held hands of each other and ran towards the tree and shared the fruits under the Tree. The principles of “Ubuntu” are ingrained in the Children.  I am because We are is the essence of the Lifestyle of people in our Ancient Civilisation where the Standard of Living was much higher than what it is now.

When in Recession or in bad times or when a child in your home would come up with a “C” grade in his Exams, you would not forsake your child as a means of addressing the Bad times. You would coach the child and nurture the child.  Whereas, despite times of Recession, the sought-after CEO seek themselves a package disproportionate to the conditions of the organization and retrench many in their own workforce to ensure that his own contribution has raised the numbers in the Balance Sheet. NextJump is an organization where the CEO refused to accept a proposal for retrenchment of their workforce when faced with a 30% reduction in their order position. Instead, he asked his workforce to take a voluntary 1.5-month unpaid vacation as per their respective conveniences and the whole organization responded positively to the proposal.  The Employees agreed with “ All suffer little rather than Little suffer All”

Swami Sukhabodhananda states that originally, Man grows with a “ I win” philosophy. It then matures into “ I Win and You Win”. Today the need of the hour is “ I win, you Win and All Win”. The third Win is the Winning of the Environment, the society at Large, Existence in its Totality. It's very shortsighted to believe that only I need to Win. It appears correct in its Logic that one should work hard to get what he likes, to win and to Succeed. Yet maturity lies in“ Get what I like and Like what I get”. 

Industry and commerce are the driving force to ensure that the THIRD WIN that pertains to the Environment and to Existence as such should be implemented in its letter and spirit.  The speechless voice of the Environment needs to be heard. Actions should also include the benefit of Existence in its Mega-form.  The future generation should be proud of the actions taken by the Influential today.  Any procrastination can be disastrous.

Finding such a win solution requires an attitude that our primary focus is on the other. Though by default, our attention would be drawn to what is desirable to me, what is in it for me, does it meet my likes and Will I profit out of it etc. Being obsessed with our ourselves is a symptom of insecurity which shrinks the being.  The paradigm shift of focusing on the other will relieve us of our Tunnel Approach and lead us to an Expanse. Only an attitude of Expanse will find a Win-Win solution.