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Focus on Self

December 26, 2018

At the outset, let us clarify being selfish is different from being focused on the self. Being selfish, borders on greed. There is a strong desire to acquire as much as one can. The success to another causes anguish and jealousy. Wanting to accrue all the benefits to oneself is indeed being selfish. Being selfish does not allow a person to bring about a win-win situation. This self-centered focus is on the lower self.

There are two selfs – one the Macro self of which everyone is knowledgeable but not aware that I am not this body and the attributes of this body. I am the larger life-force that inhabits this body. The other is the Micro body which functions with all the systems of the body and the thought process including memories and perceptions. Our identity is with this body – the Micro body. The Micro body has a number of systems that run the body but none of these systems belong to the Life force that powers the body. When the life force leaves, the body and its attributes are left behind. The Micro body belongs to this earth. That is the Micro body. What drives it is the Macro body. The Macro body is common and is universal in nature. How this Macro body enters the Micro body and takes residence there is not yet discovered by Research. However, depending on a number of factors of parenthood and available resources, the Macro force enlivens the Micro and thus an Unique being is born. This uniqueness is special that it is not available in any other being. Like Electricity, that runs into thousands of Machines and equipment each having different attributes, the Macro Life force bears different complexions. The source is the Macro. 

Focus on the Micro self also has very unique dimensions. The body has over a thousand systems which function automatically, self-reliantly and is not determined by any other consideration than the good of the body. This hardware and its software cover over 99.5% of the contents of the body. The bodily functions of breathing, eating, hearing, smell, touch, circulation etc are all taken care of the host of systems that are not mine but given to me. Only 0.5% of the body system can be called the mind. Even here, the hardware is given and only the software is self-created. Hence rightfully, one can call this 0.5% of the body system as mine. This is a small area compared to what the body constitutes. The physical body has an intelligence which only ensures that what is good is kept and what is bad is thrown out. The psychological body being a miniscule part of the system ought to support the system with gratitude.

Focus on the self is to take full responsibility for the energy equation of the inner self. To realize that the Self is indeed full, complete and enough is the essence of empowered living. The self is therefore not dependent on the situation outside for its expression. The self is a master of its energy, emotions and the flow of thoughts. The self takes an action as an expression of itself and not as a reaction to the other. What weighs more on the individual self is the value cherished by the Master self and not fall mercy to the vagaries of the event and be determined by the situation. Somebody hurts through words, criticizes, rejects, disrespects and causes psychological pain, but the Master remains steadfast and untouched.


Instead, the Mind of the Micro body only works towards disruption of the intelligent system that works in the body. It nourishes revengefulness, trauma, grudges, and obsessions that are bad for the body. The goings on in society and newspaper reports on the happenings around town stand testimony. In the pursuit of the Rat race of achievement, the definition of success itself is altered.  If the psychological body of 0.5% can also align itself to the goodness objective, the purpose of life is fully met. Rather than the contents of our focus being one of greed, showmanship, pride, jealousy, hatred, revenge and conflict, if our focus can be purified towards goodness in the Mind of the Micro and thus to the larger Macro self, such an existence would be filled with gratitude and celebration. Such a subtle shift of our focus from the cacophony of our self-talk to the merits of the self-talk would greatly improve our quality of living. The focus ought to wake up the Master in you.