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Give yourself a chance

January 30, 2019

Time is passing by at a quick pace. The moment that is gone is never going to return. All the faculties are given to you to make your life easy. That’s God’s gift to you. But what is your gift to the Lord. Doing your best and bringing forth your talent in the most impactful manner is a reflection of your thankfulness to the Universe. There is a nice saying in the local parlance. Change your HABITS   at the right TIME.  or the HABITS will change your TIME . Hence work on your habits and thought process that will bring forth the best that is hidden in you. As kids, we play with marbles but as we grow older, our context of engagement changes. In the same way, our mind and behavior needs to come on the constant scanner to see what needs to be transformed for further refinement.

There was a launch of a new pilot-less aircraft and all the CEOs of the various companies were called for the inaugural flight. The CEO s were seated in the Aircraft and an announcement was made that the inaugural flight would soon be launched. All those who would participate may remain seated and others may leave. All the CEOs one by one walked out of the scene except one of the CEO who remained on his seat very confident. The local journalist went to him and asked him the secret of his confidence in the flight. He said that it was his company that had supplied the software for the take-off of this flight and he was confident that it would not take off. In the same way, we are very confident of our inadequacies and doubt our potentials. If we look into our lives, we will come in touch with several areas where we doubt ourselves and do not take the necessary steps to let the inner talent to express itself. Study, research, work hard and infuse your own talent with the necessary boost to blossom.

Have Faith in oneself is the essence of the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. That trust and integrity that we have on oneself should not be compromised under any circumstances. Our exposure to multiple situations, peer influences, community beliefs and media perspectives cause a tremor in our trust on ourselves. We accumulate words of disempowerment as we see efficiency and success stories of others around us. Our jealousy attributes, comparing notes and justifying thoughts spin their own logic in our minds and we fall a victim to the same. We believe what appears as right. The earth appears as flat but the earth is not flat. Similarly, the stars appear small but truly they are not small. The sky appears blue but truly the sky is not blue. It is only a reflection. Similarly, we fall victims of our experience and logic and trust them to be the truth.

The necessary background hard work of sowing the seeds of wisdom and goodness, has no alternative. Once the necessary steps of building the skills within us has been executed, where our competence has been enhanced functionally, it is imperative that we make it available in the service of the community around us. Let no words of disempowerment, inhibitions, fears and struggles come in the way of your presenting your capabilities and capacities. Very often we fail to rise up and present ourselves to the community under the fear of “What will people think of me?’. Will I be criticized? Will I be rejected? How the thoughts of the many would go, is not in our hands?  It is not in our area of influence. Provide space for criticism, rejection and difference of opinion so that you learn your lessons but don’t pick up the sting.

It is only when we navigate our way through opinions, audit, rejections and criticism, that we are in touch with the value of our own endeavor.  The Law of three as Swamijiofen says is : Whenever you start a passionate proposal, there will be an opposing view and obstacles for the implementation of the same. Words of discouragement will flood your vocabulary. However, the third force will support your passion and work to motivate you towards your goal. This third force is the Act of Grace. This is earned by good intention., the love for service, and benevolent attitude to others. Create an asset of Grace by nourishing helpful thoughts,generous acts of service to others and encouraging disposition. These will come to your assistance at the time of need. But the onus of initializing good actions will rest on us. Keeping negative and doubt filled thoughts at bay, is our responsibility. This much we must do as our offering to the benevolence of Existence.