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Good Health

December 15, 2018

Life is indeed multidimensional. It is not a line, a rectangle, an area, or a cube, it has multidimensional aspects to its growth. Even the game of chess has different powers to each of the warriors. The Pawn has a certain power, while the Knight or the Bishop or the Queen have different powers. In the same way, the Body is not just the physical that we envisage. It has many other factors, the value of which needs to be nourished by the Master in us, Living with awareness of the Treasures in us is the essence of good performance. Poornam Ida, PoornamIdam… says the Upanishad. This is not to be understood purely as a concept. This fullness needs to be felt and experienced. Treat ourselves as complete, total and enough. See the components that make it so and work on supporting those features. That is good health.

The physical body has several systems that take care of the functioning of the body. Respiration, Digestion Circulation, Endocrinal. Lymphatic, Filtration, skeletal are all and more systems that completely takes care of all the requirements of the body. These systems function automatically. It appears they have an independent mind and at the same time they have a well connected mind. These were not the systems that you have chosen or downloaded or even purchased. These are systems that have been given to us free of charge and they function automatically, self reliantly and have a healthy intelligence under which they work – “That which is healthy I keep, that which is not, I throw away” . Thus living becomes simple, for as person, I need to do nothing, except breathe, eat, look, hear, taste, walk, excrete and procreate. All the needs for simple living is met. When we look at it objectively, this is nothing short of a Miracle, that I am given a body that is so profound. To keep it healthy is just to follow the rules of a Healthy Body. This will involve, eating rightly, breathing rightly, exercising well and do all things that pay gratitude to the Miracle of Body that is mine.

The other body is the Emotional body. This dimension of the body is indeed unique. Though it has no form unlike the physical body, it has several features that help in relating with the rest of the world. Swami Sukhabodhananda says that the Emotional body plays a vital role in the overall performance of the individual. The energy of the person is determined by the Emotional body. Let us say, the individual carries memories of Hurt, revenge, upsets, grudges, and tensions, he  will be representing a PAIN body. Such a pain body will have a pattern of its own arising out of the emotions that have been nourished. Such a baggage of pain is bound to be psychologically heavy and reflect on the energy of the person. The enthusiasm for life, the contentment and satisfaction derived from a full life will be missing.

Similarly, the intellectual body, which needs to be cultivated supports the disposition that we hold. The Intellectual body will spin its own Logic to justify the stand that is taken by the self. The intellectual body can derive plenty of knowledge from the resources that it is exposed to. When such knowledge is processed and kept in the back-up, they would enhance the quality of living and provide the music and dance to the vagaries of Life. Wrongly used, the intellectual body can be part of the problem, rather than being a part of the solution.

In the same way, the Spiritual body is the core datum around which all the other three bodies function. When the core essence of the Spiritual body is one of Bad Values – like Power hungry, Greed for wealth, Manipulation, One-upmanship and dominating, these values will magnetize and gravitate all other forces of the body to spin around it. Hence when Spiritual body has Good values, like Encourage, Peace, Harmony, Love, Compassion, the body would function to support these values and enhance the state of the individual.