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If the Recipe Is Bad, It Does Not Matter How Good Cook You Are!

April 05, 2018

Have you ever wondered that there are plenty of jobs in the market, there are plenty of people doing those jobs; the average time of the work shift is around 8 hours then why is it that some people earn 10,000 a month while some others manage to earn 1,00,000?

Let us take an example…

During the early nineties in Britain and Ireland, there were people who used to work as ‘Knocker uppers’. The primary job of Knocker uppers was to wake up early in the morning and walk on the streets with long sticks to tap on the doors and windows of the people for waking them up. Some of them did put a lot of efforts in doing this task, some worked smart with longer sticks but they all believed that they were doing an important task as their job demanded too much effort and waking up early. But they all became unemployed in a jiff with the formulation of alarm clocks. As people got accessed to alarms, their ‘important’ task lost its importance.

Same is the scenario with life. Many a time we are so busy in doing unwanted tasks that we do not realize ‘what is holding us back to succeed.’

Thus, the top motivational speaker Sriram Athri says ‘It is better to do a more valuable task rather than doing less valuable tasks efficiently. If you do something unimportant accurately, it will not make the task important!

So to answer the question asked above is, it does not matter how many hours you are working but what matters is are you doing an important work?  Because if you are not, then no matter how much time, effort or hard work you put in it, it will be of no use. Therefore even after working for 8 hours some manage to earn 10,000 a month while others get 1,00,000. Thus the choice of your job has the great impact on your salary.

This shows us that choosing wisely is the most important criteria in life. This criterion goes to each and everything as well as to each and every decision of life.

For example, when a child is small, all parents send them to school. But it is of great importance to select a good school for your child. Check if the school is good in teaching if the teachers are qualified enough if other children attending the school come from a decent background. Because all these things will ultimately determine the foundation of your child!

When the child completes his schooling, the decision of a perfect stream is extremely important because that will decide how well he would do further in his future. Most of the students make a mistake in choosing the stream, they either choose to depend on what their parents say or by what their friends are choosing and when this decision goes wrong, they end up wasting few years if not their whole career.

Choosing wisely is important in not only your academic career but in each and every decision of your life, like selecting an appropriate life partner for a healthy future. If you are investing money, make sure that the project is not fraud or you are not being trapped, etc

It is evident that not all things in life are in our hands but it is surely in our hand to make the right decision from the available choices. So make the choice wisely says the Indian Motivational speaker because if the recipe is bad, the dish will definitely turn out to be tasteless even if you are a good cook!