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January 23, 2019

We live in our Minds. We don’t live in the world. Our world is determined by the way we are looking. The Sanskrit sloka says “ ChittamevaSamsarah”. Our world indeed in our Mind. The Mind therefore is a tool given to you just a chisel and hammer are given to a carpenter. One can make a beautiful carving or indulge in self destruction. Swami Sukhabodhananda often quotes the sloka in the Bhagavad Gita “ UddhareAtmanatAtmanam ..” Lift yourself by yourself. No one can do it for you. Raise your level of consciousness using the faculty called the Mind. No one can solve a problem from the same level at which it was created. A higher level is to be reached to solve the problem. We cannot  blame the faculty of the Mind which is a flow of thoughts. This Mind can be used as a friend and also as an enemy.

Grossly there are two types of usage of the Mind. We can get impacted by the situations that happen around us. We are like the drifting boat in the middle of the ocean. The boat has no compass. We don’t know the direction at which the boat is moving for we don’t know North, South, East or West. The boat is being pushed by the muscles of the waves of the Ocean. Swamiji often says that if we do not know where we are moving, it does not matter where we are landing, say Timbaktoo, Tuticorin, Vizag or JNPT. Not knowing the direction, we have been drifting. In the same way, we are impacted by the situations around us. Our past experiences, our judgments, conclusions, beliefs and views shape our life. We deal with the present with the projections of all these past experiences. We are therefore a consequence of our past. We are therefore a default of the past and not an architect of the future. The rejections we have experienced in the past, the abuses we have faced, the failures we have gone through, the fancies of the peer influence become the molding instrument of our thought process. The mind installs formulae that are disempowering and create the experience as per the formulae. The feeling of hurt, upsets, chaos are not caused by the rejection, abuses or the failures, but they are truly caused by the formula installed in the Mind. Thus the Mind functions as an Impacted tool which takes the whipping from the situation. We feel low, stressed. Distraught and defeated by the Impact taken by the mind as a victim.

On the other hand, the Mind is a powerful faculty given to us which is indeed creative. It has the ability to entertain thoughts, imaginations, affirmations and resolutions. Given a situation it can choose to look at it feeling good or feeling bad. This is independent of the situation itself. This ability only the human being has. You could give an attitude to the situation. This is an unique ability that is special to the human mind. The ability to contribute your attitude to the situation. There is a setback. This can be seen from the perspective of ‘what can I learn from this?’ , ‘ this is the way I can make a course correction’, ‘ this is not a reflection of my potentials’, ‘ the solution is to raise my level of consciousness’. These are the contributions that your mind could give to the situation. What we see around us is the contribution of the creative mind. Table, chair, computer, light, wall, house, and host of other things.  It is the contributions of the Mind. Similarly it can enhance human relationships, improve state of being, give a new perspective to what is, self- motivate to succeed.

Hence the question is whether we are an Impacted Mind or a Contributing Mind.