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It’s not wrong to love yourself, care for yourself or make yourself happy. It’s necessary!

March 23, 2018

Give yourself gift that reflect, reveal and honor your true self. Somewhere in life we usually come across situations when we are remarked as ugly, crazy, fat or stupid. Being young, instead of opposing or working on these claims we simply accept them making ourselves feel low. Feeling this way is not at all correct. You are the first person you have met and will be the last one too. So stop getting affected by the negative comments of people and start cherishing your self-worth. It’s not wrong to love yourself, care for yourself or make yourself happy. It’s necessary! Don’t get demoralized by other’s negative comments and perform these five fun exercises to reassure your love towards yourself suggests India’s top motivational speaker - Sriram Athri.

1. Click:

Take a picture of yourself. Either a selfie or ask someone to click one for you. Don’t get dressed up, comb your hair, change your clothes or apply makeup. Just capture a picture with your brightest smile. You only have one chance, no matter how the picture turns out to be take out a hard copy of it and keep it somewhere safely where you could find it atleast five years later. Five years down the line when you will see your unfiltered smiling shot, your heart will ponder in amazement. Gift yourself that feeling of amazement.

2. Write down the lyrics of your favourite song:

Don’t be too serious while doing this. The song does not have to be popular or in trend or even new. Just write down a song that has stayed with you or the song that is stuck in your head. A song that makes you feel happy right at this moment. Write that song on a neat sheet of paper and keep it safe in an envelope. Preserve this envelope somewhere where you can find it ten years later. So after ten years when you will get this envelope and read the lyrics of this song (which you might or might not remember at that time) between the hustle and bustle of your busy life, this song will cross your mind once again and give you some moments to smile between the life’s chores.

3. Forgive:

Forgive one of your enemy or the person who has broken your heart. Accept the apology that you have not received and move forward. Because holding on to grudges is the heaviest baggage a person carries. This baggage does not let us go far in life. Drop this baggage and feel easy. Remember, you are not forgiving the person for his sake but you are doing it entirely for your happiness. Some bags are better left than carried.

4. Re-Live The Spark:

Remember the time when you were a kid and just a chocolate or toy was enough to make you happy? With time we become rigid and seek higher and expensive things for happiness. The joy that we felt as a child is actually the spark within us that lights every time we feel special. But as we grow old this spark begins to fade away. It lights less and we become stone hearted. Today do one such thing that will bring one light of spark back to you. Either have your favorite chocolate from childhood or watch a cartoon show that you loved as a kid. Treat yourself with that spark and see how good you feel.

5. Laugh out your mistakes:

Laugh on one of your worst mistakes. Laugh aloud. Laugh till your stomach aches; laugh because you are a human and capable of making a mistake. We are not robots or devices that could be conditioned, we are humans and mistakes are a part of life. Don’t be sad if you have made a mistake, embarrassments are also a part of living. So today remember one of your most dreadful mistake of your life and have a good laugh on it. Make yourself feel light and let go of all the negativity.

Do this Five exercises because It’s not wrong to love yourself, care for yourself or make yourself happy.

It’s necessary! Concludes one of the best motivational speakers - Sriram Athri.