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July 01, 2017

Living is not a problem. Actions of living like breathing, walking, bathing, eating etc are really no problem. All these functions happen by an intelligence that we are endowed with. Functions of Living are therefore choice less, common and effortless which do not cultivate any stress or discord. It is in RELATING that we are facing a problem. In our relating with our spouse, our kin, our friends, colleagues, our team members,  our successes, failures, our circumstances, there we find major problems. The spiritual Guru, Swami Sukhabodhananda says “Relating is simple, but being simple is difficult”. Seeing what IS as IS sounds simple, but hardly happens. The Mind is playing a vital part. The Mind has sub-conscious contents like self- image, patterns, self talk, beliefs, conclusions and deep rooted reference points.  This shows up as “Do s” and “Do nots”, Likes and Dislikes, Rights and Wrongs.  With these CONTENTS, when we relate, there is a discord, more out of the internal impressions than the external reality. The reality being the same, impressions differ from man to man. The glass is half full or half empty only speaks of the perspective of the observer.

Can we relate without the interference of our own judgments, beliefs, opinions and assumptions? Seeing the IS as IS. To quote the Zen expression “ The rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose”. This may seem a tall order. The father in law tells the daughter in law “ Do not go out in the road with all the jewelry”. The lady fumes with anger and complains to the husband, “ These jewelry are mine, brought from my parental home. Your father has no right to tell me whether I should wear it or not.” When referred to the father, he states that he meant that there are reports of Chain snatching and hence he suggested it. A communication is generated out of ones own background. It is also heard with the

Listener’s background.  The backgrounds have anxiety, insecurity, amplifications, memory files, settling scores, conclusions and a variety of digressions. Every scene is therefore an interplay of various perspectives and impressions causing a plethora of psychological accidents.

The contents of the mind play a major part in shaping our world view. It is like being in our own world. Our conclusions dominate our view albeit being totally divorced from the external reality. And that is further fortified by our strong sense of being right. The Zen expression says that we cannot go to the same river again. The truth is that a lot of water has flowed through it, the bed has changed. Yet we believe that we are at the same river. In the same way, our engagement at the office table is full of past judgments, beliefs, conclusions that we are unable to see the newness of the events. Creativity is stalled, a tunnel vision develops. One”s own Mind is in constant conversation creating illegitimate limitations of which we become victims. We fully identify with our Mind and merge with the mind in totality. We do not see that the Mind is a faculty given to us where we are the Master and the Mind is a tool provided to us. Hurts, upsets, stress and trauma get generated in the whole process. Depression sets in and the noose tightens. MIND is the cause for the CHAOS. An astute mind alone can be mindful of the multiple dimensions of this game. Cultivating such a mind is truly Spirituality. Hence, the relevance of Spirituality at all levels of human functioning.