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Our imagination is the first factor that sets restrictions for us.

April 07, 2018

There is one golden rule of life. Success doesn’t come to people who wait but it comes to people who choose to pursue their goals and dreams.

Many times people don’t work for achieving their dream because they believe that it simply can’t be achieved. For instance, if a girl wants to be a supermodel and belongs to a restricted orthodox family. Her family will never allow her to walk on the ramp where many eyes would be glued to her. So she decides to leave her dream and continue living a life is what she is not.

Many people face similar dilemmas in life.  They want to do something in life, they want to be someone but they think they cannot because of the circumstances around them. 

But in reality, all these constraints like family, background, gender, status or circumstances are just the restrictions that are present in our imagination.  As we live in society, we began developing fears. Have you ever seen a small child who is able to crawl? He will want to go everywhere. He does not care whether he is on the ground or anywhere as, he will start crawling the moment he feels like it.  It is mostly the mother or any other elder who is feared about his falling when he starts moving on bed or sofa.  The child himself will not care, the reason being, we are not born with the concept of fear, but it is developed later in life through experiences. 

Same is the scenario with our dreams, like that small child we can crawl anywhere but as the concept of fear is developed we began fearing to fall. Sometimes your fears might be true but sometimes it may be just made up in your mind.  As it is said by Sriram Athri, Our imagination is the first factor that sets restrictions for us. When we stop fearing things and began doing them, we will notice that many of these fears were just made up in our imagination. And if we really want to achieve something in life, we have to give our dreams a try.  Because if you don’t try, you will never know whether you could do it or not.

Now let us look at How to achieve your goals.

Don’t keep restrictions in your mind, write them down on paper.

Are yourself why do you feel these things are restrictions at all? Or why do you fear to overcome them?

Try to find out ways of defeating them. Ask people, take help and share your thoughts with the ones you think could help.

I know it’s not an easy task to overcome certain restrictions but always ask yourself, ‘Why do you want to fulfill this dream?’ ‘

What will you get out of it?’ ‘How important is it to you?’

Your answer to all these questions will give you the Motivation to keep moving ahead with your dreams.

Set your targets.  Be realistic though because unrealistic dreams are unachievable and thus you may lose your morale.    Climb one step at a time, achieve one thing. It is ok if any delays occur but are sure to keep moving in spite of any hurdle or problems. The process of achieving your dreams is definitely not easy but it is surely worth it.

Keep doing it until it’s done. That’s the one and the only secret of success. Because success is a Process. It’s not magic!