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Power of Giving

February 07, 2018

Giving first requires a loosening up of the sense of possessions. Possession creates an identification and sense of mine, that it envelopes the person into the irrational feeling of self-ownership. Repeated many a times, this takes a pattern of tight fistedness. Giving is an attempt at breaking this cycle from forming a rigidity.  Giving is therefore not just a handing over a possession, but is also a reframing a self-ownership mind to a more inclusive mind. This is an attempt at freeing oneself in some form. In ancient India, there was a tradition of giving your valuables to the deserving on an annual basis to inculcate the value for parting with your possessions. This was also a social device for creating a sense of inclusiveness and break the consistent patterns of greed and possessiveness.

Giving has so much joy in it. Young children when asked to indulge in charity and giving find immense pleasure in their actions.  Many young men and women who have indulged in charity and philanthropy in their younger days find it easier to take an event of loss. In some form they are able to turn it into an act of charity and stabilize their mind more easily rather than an intense volatility that people experience.   When we give money to others there is joy. One has to learn this joy of giving for we do not know when this will come to us in good stead in the face of severe financial loss.  What goes around, comes around says the mystical law.  We do not know how it comes around and in what form.  One has to be sensitive to develop these taste buds of  giving and inculcate these values in the children.

There is gentleman at Madurai, Narayanan Krishnan who was devastated to see the mentally sick persons on the road feeding on garbage and living on the streets with no one to look after. He took it upon himself to cook food, distribute, feed and even bathe these homeless mentally challenged persons living off the street of Madurai. When invited as the HERO by the CNN International and presented with an award, the first person he wished to thank was his father for having given him the support.  Early day value systems of Giving inculcated in the children have a long lasting effect. They form a great Anchor for finding their purpose of Life and provide the peace and prosperity.

Swami Sukhabodhananda says, God loves human hearts more than the temples, because the temples are pranks of humans, but the heart is the soul of God.  Hence Heart of education is the education of the Heart. “ He gives not the best who gives the most,   but he gives the most who gives the best.” If I cannot give bountiful, yet I will give freely and what I lack in my hand I will supply with my heart.Giving is an act of the Heart which is not limited by the Logic of the calculating Brain.


Just as charity begins at home, the art of giving must start from oneself. One can practice this by looking at ones body as Gods gift and serve this body. One should perform the acts like eating, bathing, exercising  etc as offering to the body as service. This will also develop a humility that this is Gods body and I am serving it. By this the seeds of giving emerge.