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January 30, 2019

Broadly there are two kinds of persons whose nature determines the destiny of the person. Some of the persons live life as a pushed person and another as a wish person. Living life as a pushed person has its own connotation. Living is simple if we define Living as purely the biological activities of the body. Breathing, eating, talking, listening, smelling and host of other biological activities are all simple because the hardware and the software of the same have been given by the Lord himself. This hardware and software are common to the human mankind all over the world. Hence there are medical specialists who can attend to the human body anywhere in the world, whether American, Japanese, Indian, or a European. However, the Human Mind has a special place in the scheme of things. Though small it has the capacity to sit to rule over all other parts of the body. It also has a common hardware. However, the software is different. In fact the software of the Mind is the  only aspect which is majorly different and unique to each person.


This uniqueness of the software is the topic of our concern. How is this manual of instruction created? What are its implications? When we are born as a new born baby, we are lying on our back totally dependent on the mother for all our physical needs. Slowly, the mother  pushes us to turn on our side. We learn to use the muscle to turn. When that is achieved, we are greatly appreciated. The pushing continues when we learn the art of crawling on the floor. Again we get a lot of clapping. Then we are pushed into standing up on the two legs which is again a big task achieved. Then we are pushed to walk and run. The software of pushing starts to implant itself into our psyche. Pushing continues till we learn ABCD and 123.We learn because we are pushed into it. And again the same mechanism of pushing takes us to the preschool. Even to the school bus we are pushed against our wishes. Crying and revolting we reach the school only to find similarly pushed children in our company. Now the teachers also join the pushing and over the next twelve years the pushing takes various forms of carrot and punishment, homework, tests and exams that ultimately we have a well lubricated system of push psychology installed as our manual of instructions in our system. In the process our mind gets molded to install formulae as determined by our parents, teachers, community, friends, the exposure to the idiot box and other media related inputs. The chemistry also changes at teenage and a host of new attitudes start forming. These attitudes and  formulae will push the person to function in a certain manner. The push oriented person is one such who lives a life who will need a push factor to make him or her act. A feeling of compulsion and arm twist will be experienced by the person. Unless pushed by circumstances, incentives, rewards, appreciation and compulsions, the person will not act. He will feel normal to do so. Conflict, ‘whats in it for me’ , excuses will be the features of such a person. The program promotes docility and pushes you to act only when needed. He takes the whippings of Life situations. He is more a consequence. This is the ordinary lot.  


On the other hand, we have a wish- oriented person, who has cast aside the push software and reinvented himself as a leader on to himself. He does not need any push factors to take him ahead in life. He is not pushed by life. Instead he champions his own life on the basis of his passions and purpose. He leads his life and has an entrepreneurship in his blood. He does not wait for life to activate him. He is a self-starter and looks ahead and has the desire to experiment with life. He is a risk taker. He gives himself a direction and has a plan for himself. Though his early days were pushed by circumstances, he has developed an attitude that is self-generated. This growth from a driven person to be a drive person indeed is maturity. Though the transformation is internal, he is a person who thinks less often about himself. Insecurity does not disempower him. He always looks for opportunities and thus is a learner in life. He has space for disagreements, rejections or for criticism and is always interested in flowing forward no matter what the obstacle is .  These are the category of persons who will fit into the higher management cadre and who possess an attitude of positivity. They have the capacity to give a lead to the organization. They are eligible to lead a team and give a direction towards growth and progress.