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Short Sighted Success

December 20, 2018

The smart appear winners. Unfortunately the definition of Smart persons have the connotation of being manipulative and mainly interested in the self. Humility is fake for such persons and is mainlydisplayed as a strategy. Truly Humility does not mean that you think less of yourself. It only means one should think less often of oneself.

The obsession with oneself is the primary reason why people wish to manipulate the situation to their own benefit. The true test lies in the actions that one do at the cross roads of life situations. There was a car crash on the super express highway. The two cars were smashed beyond repairs and from one of the mangled car came out a man completely shaken. Fortunately, he was saved and no major damage occurred to him. From the other car came out a lady and she also seemed to have survived the crash for there was no major damage to her too. He looked at the car and said,” I must offer my gratitude to the Lord for keeping me safe though the car has been damaged”. The lady also looked at him and said “ Yes, that’s true. We need to say a toast to the Lord for keeping us safe”. She then opens her glove compartment and takes out a bottle of wine. Opens the lid, Removes the cork and gives the bottle to him to say the toast. He takes the bottle and takes a gulp too much and says a toast to the lord “ Oh thanks Lord for keeping me safe though the car has become a mangled piece of iron” He then bows down and returns the bottle to her for her turn to say the toast. She picks up the bottle, puts the cork back, fixes the lid and returns the bottle back to the glove compartment. The man was shocked that she didn’t say the Toast. He asks her “ Are you not saying the toast to the Lord”. She turns at him and says “ No, I am waiting for the police to come and find out who has been doing drunken driving”. Even in a matter of deep trust, the manipulative ways of the people are displayed. It sounds very smart thing to do. She has indeed become the winner. Yet, there is something wrong in the action of the Lady.

When we probe into the genesis of manipulation, we will see that there is a sense of inadequacy that forces them to seek winning. One up man ship and over smartness can be attributed to a sense of poverty within that shows up as a need to win over the others. A sense of abundance and completeness always revolves around finding a solution that is beneficial to all those involved. The insecurity creeps in when one wants to be a winner purely for oneself. In Sanskrit there is a sloka which says that a person truly lives when his presence benefits others. Even the crow uses its beak only to fill its own stomach. Self-centered ( one who wishes benefit to oneself)  obsession arises out of the feeling that life is achieved only by trampling over others and greed begins to display. Indeed, it will appear as though the person has been successful and has scored on all fronts of what we define success, yet there is a lacunae which is very short sighted. It is not before long, when his ways will be understood by the team around him. Unfortunately, an engram is created and forever he gets judged as a manipulator. As maturity dawns, he might have changed his ways out of new wisdom. But he gets labeled as a short sighted enthusiast and finds it difficult to regain the confidence of his team members.

Goodness is the right way. It might be slow in bringing in results but it lasts