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Silence – a means to Success

December 18, 2018

A man went to the doctor and complained that his wife is often loosing her temper. He has had a tough time trying to find a solution. The doctor says that he has a cure for the same. The man seeks the cure and the doctor prescribes, “ Whenever your wife looses her cool or temper, take a glass of water and put some into your mouth and keep swishing. Don’t drink the water. Only keep swishing and gargling until she calms down or leaves the room.”  The man noted it down and did as prescribed. A few days later he visits the doctor and says that the cure has really worked and asked “What is there in the water and the process, that cured my wife”. The doctor says “ The water or the glass was not the matter. Your mouth is busy swishing and thus remained shut and that did the trick”. In the same way, it is indeed right that Silence is Golden. But there are two types of Silence. One is the silence where the lips are closed and the other is the silence where the tongues of your mind are closed. It is said that when the mouth is closed, the heart has over a thousand tongues. When a pair of persons are asked to do nothing except have a flowing eye contact for just as little a time as one minute, the embarrassment, the inhibition, the fears, and the distractions are so many driven by the tongues of the Mind. Just a simple act of eye contact causes a Tsunami of thoughts. These cacophony arise from the judgments, past memories, experiences and conclusions. The old, dead and the past are constantly perpetuating themselves.

Creativity is in the present and in the future. The lessons of the past are purely reference points. Success is not achieved by being drowned in the memories of the past. Indulgence with anxiety, guilt, worry, grudges and revengefulness do not bring Success. The insecurity, worry and anxiety are just like a rocking chair. They will keep you busy but not take you anywhere. They add weight to the psychological body. The baggage of weight on the psychological body prevents any creative flexibility. The memories of the past, hurts, tensions, and stresses interferes with the present and distorts the perception. To silence the mind, the need is to create a core value to keep the Mind light, with no baggage of hatred, strain, and trauma. The Mind needs to remain with little or no traffic into the bylanes of memories. By some statistics, 90% of our Mind is engaged in thoughts of the past experiences, fantasies, forecasts and projections. All these cause a Noise and impact the body and deletes the alertness mode.  Hardly  10% is engaged in the activities of the present moment. But it is the availability to the present moment that is the Mother of all creativity. Walt Disney saw a mouse in the garage where he was working and his creative juices started flowing that he built an empire – Mickey Mouse.  The words of the Mind will appear right, logical and true. But yet, they may not be in alignment with the core value of Harmony and solution oriented living. The Hurt body generates Logic and justification to suit the contents of Pain. The hurt and pain will appear real but it is disempowering and illegitimate. The silence of the tongue of the Mind is indeed the first effective step in being successful in life. The light heartedness, the enthusiasm, the passion and creative energy of the person leads him to success.

Ofcourse, the closer of the lips and the appropriateness of communication falls under the training of soft-skills. These training are embedded in the cultures where the etiquette and grooming will play a major role in the achievement of success.