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December 01, 2018

Success needs to be defined holistically. What would mean ‘success’ to me  has to be clearly identified. There are varied understanding of success. Achievement is any form is termed success. Maybe it is Money, maybe power, maybe joining the national team, having the maximum number of likes, maybe even being different from all others. The basic question is whether the definition of success arises out of Glamour. Jealousy, hurt, and worry or it arises out of a need to do better than before. Swamiji says “ Who gives the Most is not the best, but the one who gives the Best indeed gives the Most.”

The best blossoms only in the right atmosphere. This ambience is to be created by the individual. This priority is not to be lost in unawareness. Strict action needs to be taken with respect to our steps towards success. The first is to PAUSE. The faculty of the Mind is extremely fast and hence is very reactive. When reactive the peripheral impressions, our judgments, conclusions arising out of our past memories operate. The Pause restrains the superficial and reactive thoughts. The depth is invoked. The fact is one thing, the truth is another. Emotions plays havoc in relationships and volcanic eruptions disrupt the path to success. The next step is CAUSE. When we see a volcanic eruption in another, one sees the root cause of the hurt.  Upbringing, background, internal formulae, past memories and experiences remain the genesis of such venting. This brings more clarity to the situation. The next step is to CONSOLIDATE. The resources available to us are many. They are with us. The vedas say that we are indeed Full and complete. Poornam Ada, PoornamIda..Learn to Audit and Research on the tools that I possess. Ensure that we are not stuck with one Pattern and feel the freedom to emanate from an open Mind.  Participate in the situation to bring about a Win Win solution rather than seek your justification. The next step is to ANCHOR. Consolidate and Gravitate yourself to the right position so that you could face the situation. Keeping all the distractions at bay and determining yourself on the objective, centre yourself in such a way that your energies are conserved and potentials are full and complete. Very often distractions and allurements on the way would drag us away from our goals. There is a Hindi saying “ Bannahai to SARATHIBANO, SWARTHINAHI”.

The next step is to ENTER. Let not our inhibitions and fears keep us  awayfrom participating. We are drowned in our judgments, our hurts and are unable to put our best foot forward in arriving at the solution. The art of approaching a situation requires a clean slated mind. All preconceived notions pollute the path towards success. The techniques of looking at the situation freshly with all our experiences as our reference points, speaks of the Maturity in dealing with the situation. The next step is to RENDER. The whole of the Bhagavad Gita is focused on how to make a depressed and inhibited Arjuna to blossom into a Warrior. Similarly, only words and no action does not bring about a transformation.Now is the time for Action. Such action is called Response. Present your matter most effectively and show your intent and passion for a solution. The last step is to NURTURE. Learn that a success at one field is not a guarantee that you will be a success everywhere. Have the humility. Many have worked hard like Sachin but not everyone has become a Tendulkar. Messi is a great footballer. Ronaldo is a great footballer but have they reached the World Cup final? No. Hence you can only work until the Arrow is tensioned and pulled back. Where it will go and touch the Target will depend on many forces like the wind and gravity. Hence the path is yours, the result is not yours. Having chosen to take the action and arriving at the path of further movement, one possesses the grit to face the consequences and the ability to perform the action as an offering to the Existence.