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Stress less Excellence

December 27, 2018

People complain that they experience stress at the work place. They blame the work place for the blood pressure that they have, the diabetic illness that they undergo. Several offices have recreational area, distraction activities, fitness gym facilities to keep the stress level low. But to understand the genesis of stress, one has to observe oneself.

There was a woodcutter working on a forest tree and was not earning enough for the day. He approached the Monk who said, “ go deeper into the forest, you will see more valuable trees”. The woodcutter found the words of the Monk true as he delved deeper into the forest for precious wood but he had to encounter snakes, jackals and hyenas. Greed took him back to the Monk. Monk said “go further deep and you will see teak wood trees”. Accordingly, the woodcutter went further in and truly found even more precious trees that could make him rich but there were wilder animals that he had to encounter like the Bisons, elephants and hippos. Getting richer and richer, he went back to the Monk for more. The Monk suggested that he goes even deeper where he will see sandalwood trees. So did the woodcutter and there found a host of sandalwood trees but he had to encounter ever more dangerous wild animals like Chettahs,Tigers and Lions. Very rich and successful, he wondered why the Monk didn’t do it himself. He went back to the Monk and asked him. The Monk replied “Of course, I do, but I am in pursuit of even more higher values and that is Stress less Excellence. To achieve that one must have the boldness to dwell within and observe”. The highest value that a human being can achieve is to be at peace, happy, joyful and celebrate. When you observe, you will see that these qualities are existing only in the present. Keeping the mind engaged in the present and participate in the same with peace, happiness, joy is the key to nourishing this value. When we look at life with Gratitude, wonderment and enthusiasm then we will see that the complexion of Life situations changes. Of course there will be problems, challenges and speed breakers. Even the Gods are not free of them. Lord Shiva had an ornament – the snake while the vahana of his son was the rat. The vahana of the other son was peacock. The vahana of his consort Parvati was the Lion while that of Lord Shiva was the Bull. If you will see, under the law of the jungle, each of them would pounce on the other to relish a breakfast. Even Lord Shiva had inter-departmental problems. But his value presence and that of his family was indeed different.   When we look at our Life situations, the stress that we go through is to be observed. When the Mind and the Heart is not total and complete in its participation with the situation, then a shatter happens. Look at the badminton player with the responding volleys covering the whole court, front, back and sideways all in a jiffy, the Mind is totally focused on the travel of the shuttle. Not that there are no exhaustions, distractions, fear, anxiety and rush, yet the activity is stress less and non-damaging. Similarly in our life situations like handling the challenges at work and at home, they are not an easy cake walk. It is indeed a tight rope walking to performance with excellence. But it requires a high value for stress less effectiveness. A different approach and attitude is required. We are often distracted by other’s opinion, our sentimental attachment to things, revengefulness, manipulation, laziness and procrastination. When this baggage weigh on the psyche of the person his performance is more a struggle and stress rather than excellence.