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December 03, 2018

A young boy joins a coaching class and learns how to play tennis. He practices for one year on how to use his racquet. He probably will be chosen to represent his class in tennis. He works on the Tennis game for 2 years and probably, he will be competent enough to represent his age group. Another 4 years of training and he would go to represent his school and more such training for 4 to 5 years and he would represent the state or nation in Tennis. In the same way, we need to see where our training is with respect to the usage of our Mind. For years together, we have been using our Mind as Stress generators and now we ask for instant relief, it would be impossible. It is said in Sanskrit, “ One cannot change one’s behavior simply by advising, once the vessel is taken away from the fire, the water gets cool” . Similarly, if we look deeply into our lives, our exposure is to so many things – information tsunami. Internet, face book, instagram, what app, mobiles, we are totally distracted from the happening of the present. Swami Sukhabodananda studies the anthropology of the Mind.  While having a bath our Mind wanders into Breakfast. While having Breakfast, our Mind wanders into office. While at office, our Mind wanders into Cricket Match and so on and so forth. We are constantly distracted from the current situation. Hardly, anyone is aware of his breath. The present moment is the live moment. Every other moment is either History or a Speculation. Life is only in the current moment. In History there is Memory leading to conclusions, opinions, beliefs, guilt, inadequacies and experiences. These thoughts can keep you busy and engaged but it is disengaged from the current happening. This is a distraction. We are well trained in Distraction. Also, the future is a mystery and here again generates thoughts of anxieties, worries, forecast, and frustrations. Again this is a distraction. Our investment in Distraction has been very large and long drawn. We are very good at the game of say Tennis  andwe are looking for the features of golf. That will not happen.

Mind is a great faculty. It has the seeds for transformation. By sheer introspection and self-audit, our Mind can inspire a transformation. Our life style , especially the thought styles  are the genesis of a major portion of our stress. A transformation is possible when the Mind is trained to take up the responsibility and move towards healthier thought processes. The training involves being aware of the present. What takes the cake is the alertness that we display with respect to the Live moments rather than the Dead Moments and the Speculative moments. Being so used to judgment, conclusions, beliefs, etc, we use these feature of the Mind holding them as survival stalk while navigating through the bylanes of Life.  The fact is that, being driven by our Judgments, Opinions, Conclusions made in the Past are a symptom of Insecurity.  Whereas, the Mind has the capacity to handle the onslaught of the current happenings, the doubt over its potentials is the reason for our holding on to our Past conclusions and Opinions.  Its skill to recognize a Suspicion, a Manipulation, a Show-off, a cheating and a domination are indeed there in the Mind out of its filters to pick up the Lessons rather than the Stings of life experiences. Indeed, the Lessons and Learning are  from the Past experiences but they remain as reference points with a strong allowance for flexibility. Compassion, forgiveness, and Clarity are applied on the Experiences.  A Rock like rigidity is not built around it. Despite these faculties, we hardly Trust our Mind.  The Lack of Trust on Oneself is evident that leads us to be driven by our Worry, Anxieties and Projections. Giving muscle to our conclusions and opinions are a method of weaving out a Justification Logic to prove our Point. The traffic that all these thought processes create does not give space for the Mind to be engaged in the Present. The training of the Mind is therefore to see the activities of the thought process and make amends to doubtlessly Trust your Inner self and value the ALIVE moments more than the DEAD moments.  The process is to train the Mind to be Quiet with regard to the Traffic of the Past and have an attitude to let Bygones be Bygones and see the newness of Life. Build a strong foundationof  Awareness to draw the Mind towards alertness to the Present. Such is the Training that keeps the Mind as a Creative agent rather than as a Consuming agent.